Glade Mountain NC #2 2011-Oct-15—2018-Jul-19

The Glades is a residential community on the north edge of Haywood County where it intersects with Buncombe County. From its base at about 2,500 feet elevation, it rises to a height of nearly 4,600 feet. The peak is right on the county line. Only one way in and one way out. Which makes for interesting challenges when the snow comes usually in late January to mid-February. The mountain overlooks vast portions of Haywood County as well as Buncombe County. Nearly 250 homes have been built on that mountain. All the roads are privately owned and maintained by the residents association and they have the roads graded twice a year. Each resident owner pays approximately $3,000 yearly for maintenance of the drainage ditches, mowing, clearing the roads of obstructions, grading, and anything else to keep the area looking its best. Most mountain roads are in deplorable condition though the roads in this development speaks to the upscale values of its residents. Most homes, when on the market, go for $500,000 or more. Some a bit less. Nevertheless, all properties are fairly good sizes including the homes built over the last 25-30 years. The views are some of the best for sunrises and sunsets. Many homes are located on the mountain ridge and the owners get to have 360 degree views. It's a beautiful area with magnificent views. For the homes which have primary views to the west, residents can see Sandymush Township in Buncombe County as well as the Cataloochee Ski Area in Haywood County. If the mountain was another 1,000 feet more in elevation, residents could possibly see Maggie Valley. Many hiking trails exist along the Canton Watershed area as well a few small streams are in existence. The Album is sorted by year with the most recent year first and then older years. Each section is sorted by date ascending as in Jan, Feb, Mar etc with the days in sequence within a month. Play with the controls to the left. The navigation structure is easy to understand and use which is why I picked this particular skin/theme to portray my photography. What you see below are thumbnails. In the upper left corner you can select music while you view. Click on a thumbnail and a much larger image will appear for the single images or for the years, multiple images will appear in more thumbnails. Click on any thumbnail you like and a bigger image will come into view. From there you can select a slide show (upper left and lower left corner) or click on either side of the image to move forward (right side) or in reverse (left side). If you put your browser into full screen mode, the image will expand accordingly. The music will continue without interruption.


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