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Macro Horticulture
Macro means only one thing. The camera lens is placed as close as possible, without bluring, to the subject or object being recorded. What this does is to capture completely in focus only the primary object. In this gallery it is flowers, different kinds of plants, as well as the tinyest flora on the ground. In some cases, the surrounding area of the object is blurred which is a function of the macro process. Thus, the object will seem to "pop" such as giving you the impression of a 3-D exposure on a 2-D surface. "Pop" is an advertising term which plays with your eyes and how your brain translates what it sees - thus the object of the focus tends to jump off the background. And, by the way, it prints this way as well. On certain types of materials such as metalized paper, the effect is startling.

All images are in reverse order within each gallery. Meaning the latest image is displayed first and then goes backwards in time.
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2018 07-July 22 Macro Horticulture 1001 Robert M Worth Jr
Camera: OLYMPUS SP-820UZ               
Date: 2018-Jul-22
ISO: 80
Exposure: 1/500s
Aperture: ƒ/4.5
Focal Length: 6mm
Focal Length (35mm): 32mm
File Name: 2018 07-July 22 Macro Horticulture 1001 Robert M Worth Jr.JPG